The Visitor Center was established in 1964 at a time of strong financial support from the U.S. Government. For over 50 years we have reached each new generation. The days of government support of the Visitor Center are gone. Yet we hope to reach new generations for the next 50 years. You can help us achieve this goal. The Kitt Peak Visitor Center is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit organization through its parent organization AURA. As such we gratefully accept donations both large and small, and major funding from private and corporate sources.

*On October 6th the Kitt Peak Visitor Center will close it doors indefinitely as a result of the pandemic.  The Visitor Center relies primarily on revenue from our nighttime programs to stay in operation.  We had to suspend our programs and tours in the interest of safety, but we are not giving up.  We hope to reopen the Visitor Center.  Our website will remain active, and we need your donations more than ever.  Please consider making a contribution.  Any amount will be helpful and greatly appreciated.  We have been introducing people to the science of astronomy and the wonders of the universe since 1964 and truly hope to continue that mission for many years to come.  We just need your help.  Thank you for your generosity.

Give for the Future


Currently we have no endowment to assure smooth, planned operations and get us through lean years. We would like to establish a restricted endowment to provide interest income to supplement our sales and tickets revenue, which currently do not fully fund our program operation. Such a fund would also reduce the need for periodic price increases in tour and nighttime program tickets, enabling our programming to remain affordable to as many people as possible.

 Visitor Center Exhibits & Facilities Improvements

The entire Kitt Peak setting provides a wonderful immersive interdisciplinary learning environment for all aspects of astronomy, engineering, and the natural sciences. Your donations will fund improvements to the Visitor Center and replace old, worn exhibits as well as create new outdoor interpretative displays across the mountaintop campus including a scale model of the solar system, a history of the universe walkway, and exhibits illustrating the mountaintop ecology, flora, fauna, and geology. We have not begun to reach this potential but your donation could make this possibility a reality. We would be happy to share our plans with you.

 Visitor Program Facilities Improvements

Although perhaps less glamorous than some of our needs, no programs or stargazing experiences are possible without adequate infrastructure. Expanded and improved restrooms are sorely needed. The addition of solar power panels would reduce our carbon footprint. A variety of expansions and improvements would add to our ability to impact and educate our visitors. The addition of a separate lecture hall, a planetarium, or Science on a Sphere theater would enable ’round the clock expanded programming without regard or concern to weather. More efficient, quiet air conditioning and heating systems would improve visitor comfort and reduce our utility consumption. Our needs are both big and small and any of them could materialize with your support.

 Planned Giving

Speak with your financial advisor about including the Kitt Peak Visitor Program in your estate planning or life insurance beneficiary list. It is a terrific and painless way to touch future generations and show your support for our astronomy outreach and education efforts. Your support will assure that we will reach the next generations. Your bequest could be structured and directed to support one or more aspects of our visitor programs, telescopes, exhibits, facilities, endowment or general operations. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

 Memorial Donations

Is there an extraordinary person who has made a difference in your life? Recognize those who have given so much by making a gift to Kitt Peak in their name. We will also send the recipient’s family an acknowledgement to notify them.

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