Update January 2022

We are currently not hosting public visitors to the summit or base facilities. With the continuously evolving nature of the pandemic, we currently do not have a reopening date. We will update this page when a reopening date is available. The timeline may be different for each site.


Overnight Telescope Observing Program

This custom program gives you the full observatory experience and makes you a visiting astronomer at Kitt Peak. 

Visual observing and imaging of amazing deep-sky objects are both possible.  If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronomer, this program is for you.

Astrophotography Workshops

Our astrophotography workshops will introduce you to the different photographic aspects of the hobby; from planetary and solar imaging to landscape astrophotos and deep space astrophotography.

Youth Group Overnight Program

The Youth Group Overnight program gives kids and adults a more in-depth experience in astronomy.  The program is perfect for schools, scout troops, and other youth organizations.

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