Kitt Peak National Observatory is Closed

Please be advised that to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, and the public during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have closed Kitt Peak National Observatory to all visitors until further notice. All public programs and tours are suspended.  Do not travel up the mountain road for any reason or by any means.  Please revisit this website periodically for updates.

Remote-Imaging Program

Just because you can’t travel to Kitt Peak doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of our telescopes and some dark skies.  The Kitt Peak Visitor Center is happy to announce for a limited time our Remote-Imaging Program.  We offer wide-field options with and without filters.

Because we do not have access to Kitt Peak, our telescopes are located at a dark site in Colorado.  This program will be available only from September 27th until October 4th.  On October 6th the Kitt Peak Visitor Center will close indefinitely as a result of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Participation in our Remote-Imaging program can help preserve the Kitt Peak Visitor Center by demonstrating the viability of on-line programs and generating desperately needed revenue.


The program is scheduled by request.  The reservation request form is available on the link above.  July and August are the least preferable months because of monsoon.  Once the reservation is received, a confirmation email will be sent to the guest.  Please read it carefully because it contains important information about your program.

Sky Calendar

Prior to requesting your reservation, check this calendar for moon phases to better your chances of getting a dark night. Look at the “%illum” column under Moon and try to choose dates with illuminations between 0 and 25 percent.  If it turns out that a bright night is all that’s available, we have an H-alpha filter, so don’t let a little moonlight stop  you.


Telescope use for the night  – $249.



Takahashi Epsilon 180-mm astrograph, 500-mm focal length f2.8.  ZWO ASI071MC Pro OSC.  Field of view: 2˚ 43.00′ x 1˚48.35′

William Opotics SpaceCat 51-mm apochromatic refractor, 250-mm focal length f4.9.  SBIG CCD 16200 LRGB and Ha filters.  Field of view: 6˚10.00’ x 4˚56.84’.  80-mm guide scope.

Paramount MX Plus  

Coming Soon

C14 SCT with f6.3 focal reducer, 2463-mm focal length f6.3.  Field of view 0.55˚ x 0.36˚


Celestron CGE Pro

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